Forensic Accounting, Financial & Accounting Advisory


WETHAQ is founded by a group of Kuwaiti professionals possessing diverse professional work experience and relevant academic credentials. After collectively accumulating more than three decades of working experience with professional accounting firms, law firms, and established corporates in Kuwait, the team observed a growing void in the market for valuable and highly meaningful financial services work



Forensic & Litigation Support

The accounting profession have been undergone radical changes as a result of latest economic downturn and suspicious accounting practice. With the spotlight on the accounting profession, a new market with a new breed of accountants — forensic accountants — has emerged.
In the aftermath of accounting scandals, financial crimes, and business collapses, forensic accounting continues to define itself as application of accounting concepts and techniques to investigate and document financial fraud and white-collar crimes.
Additionally, there is also an incredible need within law firms for the specialized skills of forensic accounting as litigation could involves multiple, complex accounting and legal issues that overlap and intertwine.
Wethaq team with broad business backgrounds and forensic experience are a vital resource to the litigation team and provide valuable insight into financial issues.


We strive to be your partners in your financial journey to seek growth in developed and rapid growth markets as we provide our partners all the necessary skills and expertise to serve every aspect of their transactions
Our aim is to support your internal resources with the required expertise to improve the financial decision process from due diligence, valuations and business plan to restructuring underperforming businesses.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

At Wethaq, we support business owners, CFOs, audit committees, treasurers, and other top financial executives identify the financial strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats to utilize your strengths to take full advantage of the opportunities while implementing an effective strategy to tackle the threats and weaknesses.

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